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VLSM Calculator Subnet IPv4 Online

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VLSM Calculator Subnet IPv4 Online

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In IPv4 subnets are used in order to expand the capacity of hosts and efficiently use one assigned. Probably this calculation has a degree of complexity so that I developed in PHP VLSM calculator for subnetting. Just three data will be needed, an IP address, its mask and size of subnets to be calculated. If after using this tool detects an error please let me know to improve it for the good of all users.

VLSM Calculator Subnet IPv4

If it was useful this tool can contribute with the creator, so you will show your appreciation and further promotes the development of similar tools for different platforms. To do this you can buy the Android App or via Paypal from USD 0.99. After making its contribution confirms whether you want to do your contribution anonymous, otherwise we will post the list of thanks.

Input Format: The input data format is intuitive.

  • Address: Requires address.
  • Mask or prefix: Requires mask or CIDR prefix.
  • Size of subnets: Requires one or more subnet sizes separated by commas or spaces.

Result Format: The result is a descending order based on the size of subnets.


Mask or prefix

Size of subnets

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